AVANA CUSO Appoints New Leadership for Optimal Growth

Press Release | June 2021

AVANA CUSO is pleased to welcome new members to its executive team who bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in the credit union market. As one of the most seasoned Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO) focused on commercial real estate, and bolstered by its recent investment from AVANA Companies…

Preserver – Q1 2021

Newsletters | April 2021

Community Impact and Sustainable Economic Growth Through 504 Loans

Credit Marker Monday

Knowledge | February 2021

AVANA CUSO is very proud to present our 10-part series, Credit Marker Monday, which features expert guidance on assessing credit risk from Matt Hunt, Payal Bhatia, Sadaf Gill, Chrystelle Mae Quioyo, and John Schroeder!

Preserver – Q4 2020

Newsletters | December 2020

Reflecting upon the past year, the AVANA Companies and our clients have faced unparalleled challenges and uncertainties as we navigated the pandemic and economic crisis together. The resiliency of our team and our loyal clients was tested, and we remain humble and committed to our clients, our team, and our communities.