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October is Financial Planning Month, making it the perfect time for commercial real estate investors to assess their portfolios and identify areas for growth. No matter the portfolio, there are likely areas to diversity, and right now commercial real estate is the hot market in which to invest. In fact, the commercial real estate industry has experienced steady growth over the past decade, having grown 28.1% since 2012.

At AVANA CUSO, we partner with credit unions across the country to help them better serve their members with competitive commercial real estate loans. As a result, CRE investors get the funding they need to purchase property and plan for their future. 

No matter the commercial real estate investment, here are lending solutions that can elevate a portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

AVANA CUSO partners with credit unions specifically on commercial real estate loans. These loans facilitate business growth and investor opportunity as well as preserve credit union members’ wealth. Equally, it benefits credit unions’ balance sheet.

AVANA’s lending experts guide partners through the entire lifecycle of the loan, ensuring top-quality service and taking a deep interest in the investor’s industry, market and project needs. 

SBA 504 Loans

The SBA 504 Loan from AVANA CUSO helps entrepreneurs acquire, renovate, build or purchase commercial real estate. This type of loan helps credit unions offer financing with a reduced down payment and a low fixed rate, keeping working capital free for other growth-oriented projects. 

Conventional Construction Loans

Additionally, AVANA CUSO offers conventional construction loans for businesses in a number of asset classes. This includes retail projects, multi-family housing, office buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and more. 

Terms and loan amounts may range, though each loan is customized to the borrower and asset in a way that promotes long-term growth. Additionally, our team retains ongoing communication with all parties to keep construction projects on time and within budget. 

Renewable Energy Loans

The renewable energy loans offered by AVANA CUSO allows credit unions to lend solutions for pre-development, development, equipment, construction, mini-perm financing and distressed debt acquisition as it relates to renewable energy projects. 

Specifically, we have a depth of experience and expertise with solar energy and waste (Biomas) energy projects. 

Specialty Lending

Lastly, AVANA CUSO helps credit unions offer specialty lending products to growth-oriented entrepreneurs who require unique solutions. With this, AVANA CUSO helps our partners provide quick and customized solutions to promote growth for commercial real estate investors. 

This incredible variety of competitive loan products, our decades of expertise and our customer service are why credit unions nationwide leverage what AVANA CUSO brings to the table. As a result, savvy investors and business owners see doors open that can result in lucrative gains and a better future. 



Established in 1998 and headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, AVANA CUSO is one of the most seasoned credit union service organizations (CUSO) focused on commercial lending. We partner with credit unions to connect them to commercial and multi-family investors across the United States. For decades, we have offered competitive and collaborative loans and uniquely support and guide our partners through the entire lifecycle of our loans. AVANA CUSO is a proud member of the AVANA Family of Companies.

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