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Renewable energy was the fastest-growing energy source in the United States between 2010 and 2020, growing 42% in usage over the decade. As renewable energy businesses continue to emerge and capitalize on this market opportunity, securing external funding will be tantamount to their success. 

Sanat Patel, AVANA CUSO’s Chief Lending Officer, expresses the importance of renewable energy lending today: “Renewable energy loans help fund projects that are good for the environment, but they can also provide significant financial benefits to borrowers over the long term. By investing in renewable energy projects, borrowers can reduce their energy costs while promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

As you continue reading through this article, we will discuss what renewable energy loans are, the types of projects they can fund, and why AVANA CUSO is the ideal lending partner to fund renewable energy projects. 

What are Renewable Energy Loans? 

Renewable energy loans, sometimes referred to as green loans, are a form of financing that allows borrowers to fund the installation, development and operation of renewable energy projects. 

It goes without saying, these types of loans are important for the progress of environmental objectives. While some renewable energy projects can be capital-intensive, most come with perks to incentivize green investment, including a reduction or elimination of electric bills and federal investment tax credits, to name a few. 

Here are some of the projects you could fund with a renewable energy loan: 

  • Installing solar panel systems to the roof of your commercial building
  • Adding wind turbines outside your commercial building
  • Making energy-efficient upgrades to your property like better HVAC systems or insulation 

The Power of AVANA CUSO’s Renewable Energy Loans

At AVANA CUSO, we’re passionate about the expansion of clean energy through green investments across the U.S., and even around the world. While there are many lenders out there that offer renewable energy loans, AVANA CUSO’s dedicated focus, efficiency and experience in solar energy and waste energy projects sets us apart. This expertise allows us to offer tailored lending solutions that are unique to each borrower’s needs.

Our renewable energy lending products are useful in every aspect of renewable energy projects, from launch to growth. Loan products include pre-development, development, equipment, construction and mini-perm financing. 

No matter the stage of development and growth of a clean energy business, we can help renewable energy entrepreneurs reach their goals of making the world a better place for generations to come.



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