As a leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), we have a unique relationship-first approach to participation lending. That approach has helped us forge thousands of partnerships throughout the years.

Harnessing our decades of experience in the industry, we work diligently to serve each of our partner segments with care and precision. Those segments include credit unions and a network we like to call “connectors.” Working together, we find the best commercial real estate (CRE) lending solution for their borrower’s needs. 

Credit Union Partners

AVANA CUSO helps credit unions expand their lending portfolio with flexible and competitive commercial real estate loans ranging from $2M-$25M in loan value. We handle the servicing of the loan from origination to payoff, offering customizable solutions that cater to each credit union and borrower’s needs. Our loan products include: 

  • Commercial real estate loans
  • SBA 504 loans
  • Conventional construction loans
  • Renewable energy loans
  • Bridge loans

From expanded portfolios to increased liquidity, AVANA CUSO’s team of financial experts is dedicated to serving the needs of credit unions. We put immense care into fostering long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and financially successful. That’s because, to us, our partnerships go far beyond loan transactions. We know our partners well, we understand their strategic needs, and we proactively protect their interests. 

In addition, our hands-on approach to servicing loans from origination to payoff vastly sets us apart from others in the industry. We’re invested in the entire process from start to finish, ensuring our CU partners and their borrowers receive the necessary, ongoing support and oversight that positions them for success. 

Lastly, AVANA CUSO works diligently to save at-risk loans by working closely with CUs and borrowers themselves. This helps mitigate or neutralize financial loss to the credit union. When a loan goes bad, our team actively works to recoup the principal, interest, default interest and legal fees. All this saves the credit union time, resources and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


We also happily serve our growing network of “connectors.” Connectors are a person or business with a sizable professional network, and they understand the value of our lending solutions, expansive expertise and core values. This trust and understanding give them the confidence to recommend our products to those in their network who need top-quality, competitive funding. 

Connectors can include: 

  • Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Business owners
  • Financial planners
  • Registered investment advisors

We partner with these professionals to support entrepreneurs and business owners seeking customized commercial real estate loans. We then efficiently and quickly originate and service the loans in a way that sets up all parties for success. 

Working with our connectors helps us to help fund more loans, increasing our impact on borrowers and communities around the country. This effort directly aligns with our company purpose to deliver “Capital for a Better Tomorrow.” We do that by offering competitive, well-crafted loans that promote economic growth, job creation and financial success. 



Established in 1998 and headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, AVANA CUSO is one of the most seasoned credit union service organizations (CUSO) focused on commercial real estate lending. For decades, we have partnered with credit unions across the country to offer competitive and collaborative CRE loans. We also uniquely support and guide our partners through the entire lifecycle of our loans. AVANA CUSO is a proud member of the AVANA Family of Companies.

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