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For any commercial real estate investor, there are few things more exciting than seeing the value of a portfolio grow and the number of properties expand. So, it can be of the utmost importance for investors to hire a commercial real estate lawyer who can help protect investments and navigate the complexities of the industry. 

Why do Investors Need a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Commercial property investors likely have peers who have hired a commercial real estate lawyer to represent them and wondered if they need one themselves. The truth is that commercial real estate (CRE) investing often involves complex deals and intricate negotiation of terms, not to mention a sizable upfront investment. 

Therefore, it can be highly valuable to hire a commercial real estate lawyer that understands the nuances of the industry, the nature of making these deals, and how to protect investors’ investments and interests at all stages. Drafting and signing contracts is almost never a straightforward process, and it can be highly risky for investors to go it alone without a commercial property attorney weighing in with their expert knowledge. 

Above all, the job of a commercial real estate lawyer is to protect investors’ rights and interests regarding a variety of aspects affecting CRE investments, including: 

  • Navigating commercial real estate law
  • Purchases and sales, including property transactions
  • Real estate development
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Lease agreements
  • Corporate ownership agreements
  • Title insurance
  • Zoning laws
  • Commercial real estate loan agreements

Hiring a commercial real estate lawyer can help save investors valuable time and money, and give them the peace of mind that they’re getting a fair deal while adhering to all laws and regulations. 

When Should You Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

When hiring a commercial real estate attorney, investors have access to an expert in all things related to real estate law. Importantly, they can help successfully close deals, protect investors’ interests, avoid litigation, and represent them in any disputes. 

Commercial real estate attorneys understand the necessary property inspections to be done and what the local real estate laws are so investors don’t enter into unfavorable deals. Thus, it’s beneficial for investors to hire a commercial real estate attorney at the onset, before making purchases or signing contracts. 

That said, this attorney is a valuable asset at all stages of ownership and property management, as disputes and lease agreements can come up at any time. 

How to Find a Qualified Commercial Property Attorney

All in all, hiring a commercial property attorney can protect investors in a number of ways and ensure CRE deals are fair and legal. Since commercial real estate investors are often not experts in contract negotiating and real estate law, expert representation in these situations is highly recommended. 

When looking to hire a commercial property attorney to protect interests and save both time and money, explore the following resources to find the best commercial property attorneys in the area: 



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