Innovative Credit Unions are adding solar energy investments into their portfolio, taking advantage of the higher yields, longer terms, and stable investment opportunities.

Sector Growth.
The energy sector is accelerating from a fossil fuel-dominated industry to renewable and clean energy. Consumers, utilities, and corporations are leading this growth due to economic benefits and climate change concerns.

Spotlight Investments.
The finance and investment sectors are driving the shift to green energy. Large private equity firms now require portfolio companies to report on ESG (Economic, Social, and Governance) indicators — underscoring the need for businesses to contribute positive gains within communities instead of profits at the expense of the environment.

Better Yield.
Evidence shows that solid ESG performance correlates to higher investment returns, lowered risks, and better crisis resiliency. Today, climate risk is regarded as investment risk — with the clean energy industry continuing to receive increased capital allocation despite a volatile global economy.

Regulatory Shift.
Government support for sustainable energy investments and development is also at an all-time high. The US Administration just announced earlier this month an ambitious plan to produce almost half of the country’s electricity from solar power by 2050.

Companies like G&S Solar rely on our expertise to maximize returns.

With our Credit Union members and other lending partners, AVANA Companies promotes the energy transformation by providing financing and loan products to experienced solar energy developers.

By partnering with companies like the New York developer, G&S Solar, AVANA can help businesses and communities to save money on their electric costs while also contributing to clean energy transformation.

Companies like G&S Solar bring additional revenue opportunities to building owners by leasing unused rooftop space for their solar projects.

Instead of using undeveloped land, G&S Solar partners with building owners to employ under-utilized spaces like rooftops. G&S Solar generates revenue by selling electricity under New York’s community solar program to renters, condo owners, even other businesses at a 10% discount to their usual cost.

Everyone benefits by saving money while accessing the clean energy produced by the G&S Community Solar projects.

AVANA’s renewable energy team facilitates these projects by providing:

  • Construction loans from AVANA Capital
  • Extensia Term loans to support project growth for up to 25 years
  • Financial resource planning and borrowing assistance

Through cost reduction and financial innovations, Credit Unions are well-positioned to capitalize on solar initiatives while leveraging the combined energy sector strengths of Extensia & AVANA.

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