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The AVANA CUSO and Sunlight Financial Credit Union Experience


The Partnership: A Journey of Mutual Growth and Understanding


The collaboration between AVANA CUSO and Sunlight Financial Credit Union represents a significant step in enhancing our commercial lending capabilities. This partnership, rooted in mutual needs and goals, showcases the practical benefits of working together in the financial sector.

Starting the Collaboration: Our engagement with Sunlight Financial began with a shared objective: to diversify and expand our commercial lending services. Jim Hanley, Chief Credit Officer from Sunlight Financial Credit Union, highlights the initial challenge that brought our organizations together: “I was looking for ways to invest that liquidity.” This need led them to the tailored and comprehensive solutions provided by AVANA CUSO. Shivan Perera, SVP at AVANA CUSO outlined our role: “We work with a lot of smaller to mid-size credit unions in terms of offering loan participations… everything from originations, underwriting, servicing, workouts, if it comes to that.”

Crafting Tailored Solutions: Central to our partnership is the ability to create financial solutions that resonate with the specific needs of our clients. This approach is about more than just business transactions; it’s about understanding and meeting the unique goals and policies of each partner.


Building Relationships and Navigating New Opportunities


Relationships at the Core: Christyna Lane, Participation Manager from AVANA CUSO, emphasized the importance of relationships in our business dealings: “The key is the relationship and making sure that we’re on top of what it is that they need.” This sentiment is foundational to our approach, where we seek to build lasting relationships based on understanding and mutual respect.

Exploring New Areas: Looking ahead, we are excited about exploring new opportunities within the commercial lending sphere. Leveraging technology in loan management signifies our commitment to adapting to market changes, enhancing user experience, and expanding our service offerings.


Reflections and Future Directions


Reflecting on our partnership with Sunlight Financial, we see a story of shared growth, enhanced capabilities, and practical outcomes. This collaboration has not only allowed us to address immediate needs but has also opened doors to new possibilities in the commercial lending sector.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to nurturing this partnership and continuing to innovate in our services. At AVANA CUSO, we are committed to evolving with the financial landscape, always striving to provide the best solutions and services to our clients and partners.


Advancing Commercial Real Estate Lending with AVANA CUSO


In a rapidly changing commercial real estate lending environment, AVANA CUSO is your trusted partner, guiding credit unions through fluctuating interest rates and market trends. Our innovative, collaborative solutions are tailored to help you adapt to the evolving economic landscape, explore new lending opportunities, and understand the impact of market shifts on your portfolio.

Leveraging our extensive experience and deep sector knowledge, we provide strategic support to navigate these challenging times. Contact us to steer your credit union towards success in the dynamic world of commercial real estate.




Founded in 1998 in Simi Valley, CA, AVANA CUSO is a premier credit union service organization specializing in commercial real estate lending, including SBA 504 loans. As part of the AVANA Family of Companies, we are committed to fostering growth and success in credit unions nationwide.