Extensia Financial Llc Announces Investment From Seasoned Commercial Lender Avana Companies.

Extensia Financial LLC has a new majority shareholder: AVANA Capital (part of the AVANA Companies family). Since 2002, AVANA Capital, under CEO Sundip Patel, has enabled small- and medium-sized American businesses in niche industries to grow and thrive through customized commercial loan solutions.

Extensia Financial’s focus on “people helping people” through its tailored services for the credit union and borrower communities aligns with AVANA’s mission to support the growth of America’s small business owners. AVANA Companies is dedicated to stimulating local economies, contributing to clean energy development, preserving the wealth of their investors, and creating growth for their borrowers.

AVANA Companies and Extensia Financial will remain separate and distinct entities, but will follow a unified mission: to promote the growth of small business owners and our economy.

“Since our firm’s inception we’ve focused on providing loans that make a positive impact on the communities around us,” says Sanat Patel, AVANA Capital’s Co-Founder and Head of Originations. “This commitment to impact lending is tightly aligned with the values of Extensia and Extensia’s credit union partners, which are devoted to supporting local communities. We are excited to bring Extensia’s expanded suite of products to our borrower clients and to offer a larger volume and variety of quality loan investment opportunities to Extensia’s network of credit union clients.”

“I’m most excited to bring these two talented lending teams together through this transaction.” Added Sundip Patel, “AVANA and Extensia have a combined $1.3 Billion in assets under management, and a team that is capable of growing these assets tremendously in the coming years. Our combined team is already working hard to expand product offerings and services that will serve and benefit both credit union and borrower customers.”

About AVANA Companies

The AVANA Family of Companies is dedicated to stimulating local economies and contributing to clean energy development across the United States. AVANA Capital, LLC is licensed in California under DBO license number 603K752 and in Arizona under CBK license number 0921662.

About Extensia Financial LLC

Extensia Financial is one of the most seasoned credit union service organizations (CUSOs) focused on commercial real estate. Established in 1998, Extensia is a customer service-driven organization connecting credit unions with commercial real estate brokers, commercial mortgage brokers and high net worth investors through participation lending. The company is headquartered in Northridge, California.