commercial and multi-family properties

Borrowing in the Space is up +19% YOY in Q2 

Despite widespread economic headwind, the commercial and multi-family lending business has shown incredible resiliency. Loan originations in the space were up 19% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to this time last year, and they are up 15% from the first quarter of last year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). 

Like larger financial institutions, credit unions across the country are recognizing the opportunities that remain in commercial lending even while other areas of the economy experience volatility. 

The Outlook on Commercial/Multi-Family Loans

Even amid the current economic volatility, there is still ample opportunity for investors and lenders within commercial and multi-family investing. This is evident in the latest growth metrics from MBA, but it also stands in accordance with the behavior among AVANA CUSO’s partner organizations.

Brianna Vaughan, AVANA CUSO’s EVP Operations, is one of AVANA CUSO’s lending experts helping credit unions execute these loans. She states, “Although we expect lending data to show a slowdown over the second half of the year following this record growth, investors and lenders continue to show bullishness in the space and a healthy capacity for capital where cash flow allows for it.”

Thus, lenders continue to show confidence in the future outlook for the industry and in the strength of borrowers with outstanding loans. Plus, there are a number of ongoing commercial real estate trends that will continue to push this space farther, including: 

  • Increased demand for office space
  • Re-imagined physical retail locations
  • Rising demand in suburban/rural areas
  • Growing rental market


As the commercial and multi-family real estate market continues on its hot streak, organizations such as AVANA CUSO will be the key to helping credit unions better serve their members with top-quality commercial loan products. 

“At AVANA CUSO, we specialize in commercial real estate lending–and have done so for decades,” says Vaughan. “That means we’re uniquely skilled and seasoned at quickly preparing and closing loans that work best for credit unions’ members. We get the job done in a way that’s seamless and preferable to all parties.” 

So with AVANA CUSO’s expertise and wide range of offerings, our credit union partners continue to receive top-tier support with the origination and servicing of their commercial and multi-family loans.



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