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Renewable Energy Investments Provide an Opportunity to Turn a Profit & Save the Earth

As the climate crisis continues to spark devastation across the globe, all living beings experience life-altering consequences ranging from rising temperatures, environmental degradation, natural disasters, food and water insecurity, and much more. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may wonder how you can do your part to fight the climate crisis and preserve the environment – without hurting your profit margin. One major way is focusing on green investments (also referred to as renewable energy investments). 

What is a Green Investment?

According to Greener Ideal, green investing is “the strategy of investing in companies that provide goods and services focused on social or environmental responsibility.” 

4 Types of Renewable Energy Investments

There are four major ways to protect the environment through renewable energy investments:

1. Purchase Clean Energy Stock

Invest in publicly traded sustainable companies by purchasing stock, bonds, ESG funds and mutual funds that will increase in value over time. Green investment companies include renewable energy companies that utilize various forms of green energy sources. This includes biomass, hydropower, geothermal, solar and wind energy to run aspects of the business. Additional companies include those associated with fewer carbon emissions, those that support environmental protection and those that have committed to green initiatives. 

2. Start a Green Company

Starting a sustainable company or organization can lead to profits while protecting Mother Earth. Such businesses can include natural food retailers, a company that cuts fossil fuel emissions or conserves water, and a business that develops sustainable products, such as recycled fabric clothes and accessories, LED bulbs, reusable bags and more. The green business ideas and opportunities are endless.

3. Incorporate Renewable Energy Into Your Current Business

As a business owner, you can incorporate renewable energy investments into your current company by installing solar panels, utilizing wind farms or using hydropower, geothermal power or biomass. Incorporating green energy into your current business can provide multiple benefits, including cutting the cost of energy bills, protecting your business from the price fluctuation of power companies, obtaining a great return on investment, boosting your company’s public relations and improving the health of the planet. 

4. Add Solar Panels to the Roof of Your Business

As a business owner—whether restaurateur, service provider, retailer, banker or investor—you can turn a profit and save energy by installing solar panels on the roof of your business. Adding solar panels can significantly reduce the cost of energy bills, among other benefits, including saving you from a power company’s fluctuating prices. 

How to Finance a Renewable Energy Investment

If you’re interested in starting a green company or incorporating renewable energy into your current business, you’ll likely need to finance the upfront costs. Although sustainable initiatives can typically save your business money in the long term, they do come with a high price tag to start. You’ll recoup the upfront costs over time, but there are many financial options to help in the beginning. 

In fact, there are several state and federal government programs available to cover the price or reduce initial costs of sustainable investing. Check the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiencies for state-based aid. The federal government also has a variety of grants, tax incentives and programs, such as the Energy Star Program

In addition to exploring these options, business owners can turn to renewable energy business loans. These specialized loans are designed to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects or companies. With decades of lending experience, AVANA CUSO provides several renewable energy loans, including distressed debt acquisition, pre-development, project development, equipment, construction and mini-perm options to borrowers committed to protecting the environment

Financing Rooftop Solar for a Business

Similar to other renewable energy investments, you can finance rooftop solar for your business through state and federal government programs as well as renewable energy business loans. AVANA CUSO can assist business owners interested in combining planet protection and profits with custom-tailored renewable energy business loans. 



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