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For credit union leaders and professionals who are looking to sharpen their skills and better serve their members, there are a number of organizations out there that can help. 

Including legislative advocacy, member protection regulations and industry-leading networking support for professionals, there’s a lot to gain from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). These two organizations differ in key ways, though both are committed to supporting the credit union industry across the country.

Here we dive deeper into what each of these organizations offers and how they benefit credit unions, their account holders and their employees. 

What is the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)?

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) was created by Congress in 1970 as an independent federal agency that insures deposits at federally insured credit unions. In addition, they have a goal of protecting credit union members and regulating all federal credit unions. 

What is the Credit Union National Association (CUNA)?

The Credit Union National Association, or CUNA, is the only national association that represents all credit unions in the United States. CUNA provides support with legislative issues and employee training, plus offers premier events and products to credit unions across the nation. 

Above all, the organization is dedicated to supporting and protecting the best interests of credit unions and their employees, while helping them continue to grow. 

How do Credit Unions Benefit from CUNA and NCUA?

There are a number of ways that credit unions, their hard-working professionals and members can benefit from CUNA and NCUA. While the two organizations differ in some ways, they are both committed to furthering the credit union movement across the United States and promoting confidence in credit unions nationwide.  

Each organization aims to help CU professionals better serve the millions of credit union members across the country, even if they go about it in different ways. While the NCUA is more aimed at member protection through regulations, CUNA is dedicated to supporting the credit unions and professionals themselves so they can better serve their members.

Specifically, CUNA provides the following benefits, among others: 

  • Clarifying compliance regulations for employees
  • Offering professional training and resources
  • Legislative advocacy for all credit unions
  • Promoting the credit union movement

On the other hand, NCUA benefits credit unions and their members by providing: 

  • Effective regulation to protect credit unions and their members
  • Insuring the deposits at federally insured credit unions

Overall, each organization offers helpful resources and guidelines for credit unions, employees and members. Ultimately, it’s clear that both the NCUA and CUNA are committed to bettering the credit union industry, albeit through different avenues. 



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