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Every year, organizations are showing greater interest in the research and development of renewable energy sources. Between rural small businesses launching proprietary clean energy technologies and established enterprises looking to make a greater impact with their renewable energy projects, there are a number of ways these organizations can secure funding and broaden their scope for clean energy development. A key way is through renewable energy grants.

Available Grants for Renewable Energy Projects

Aside from loan programs and tax incentives, there are a variety of grants for renewable energy projects that business owners can secure at the federal, state and local levels. Continue reading as we list some of the top renewable energy grants that are available today. 

California Energy Commission Grants

The California Energy Commission offers a variety of grants for renewable energy projects. This includes the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program, which offers grant funding for energy research and development that improves the quality of life in California through environmentally safe, economical, and dependable products or services. 

Biomass Research and Development Initiative

Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Biomass Programs, this grant program supports projects that are researching and developing biofuels and bio-based products and technologies. 

Healthy Communities Grant Program

This local grant program supports and funds projects across New England that reduce environmental risks and improve quality of life. They put focus on community-based projects and building awareness to promote noticeable benefits to human health and the environment. 

Clean Energy Fund

Through the state of Washington, this fund was put into place in 2013 by Governor Inslee. It offers funding to organizations developing and deploying clean energy projects. There are a number of programs in place under the Clean Energy Fund, including the Rural Clean Energy Innovation program and the Grid Modernization Program, among others. 

Aside from the renewable energy research grants listed here, there are countless others available that support clean energy projects at any stage. Those funding opportunities are offered via federal agencies, state energy programs and rural development initiatives. With the right research, it is likely to secure funding and grants that can incrementally help launch and expand renewable energy businesses and projects. 



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