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AVANA CUSO is honored to be the nation’s leading credit union service organization (CUSO). But that title does not come by happenstance. 

Being our industry’s best means having the unwavering determination to deliver superior commercial lending solutions, underwriting, risk mitigation and customer service. It also means having decades of experience navigating economic climates, understanding the needs of credit unions and their members, and genuinely considering every loan’s broader impact. 

For those who have not yet experienced the portfolio-building benefits of partnering with AVANA CUSO, please allow us to showcase our keys to success. Those same keys happen to help credit unions unlock their full potential. 

Why Work with AVANA CUSO?

That answer is multi-faceted. 

1. We Offer End-to-End Loan Fulfillment

What differentiates us from other CUSOs is our full-service approach to loan servicing. We do not “pass the buck” or leave CUs to weather uncertainty on their own when problems arise. We will originate, underwrite, close, participate (if desired) AND service those loans.

“We take pride in our comprehensive approach to loan servicing,” says Shivan Perera, our Senior Vice President. “We work closely with credit unions, as if we are a seamless extension of their team, a team that nurtures every loan through its entire lifecycle.”  

Our higher level of support and due diligence translates into superior portfolio performance, greater financial stability and increased lending opportunities for CUs – not to mention peace of mind. 

As Perera explains it, “We don’t leave credit unions to their own devices if problems arise in the market or with a particular deal. We are an end-to-end service provider and help credit unions in any economic environment.”

All in all, AVANA CUSO makes lending turnkey and sustainable for credit unions across the country. We’re a lifeline for lean CU teams with limited resources and commercial loan expertise. 

2. Our Credit Risk Management Speaks for Itself

At AVANA CUSO, as of today, our current delinquency rate is 0%. That’s a clear testament to the efficiency of risk management practices and our commitment to the overall financial health of our credit union partners.

The unpredictable nature of today’s lending environment means credit unions must work with a seasoned team with unwavering oversight. AVANA is invested in meticulous credit risk management and tailors lending profiles to fit risk management objectives. 

During the origination stage of any loan, we know what to look for and what to avoid, ultimately safeguarding CUs and their borrowers. As loans come to term, our eyes remain keenly fixed on payback terms to tackle any default risks before they happen.

Without analyzing a loan from every angle, at every stage, AVANA CUSO wouldn’t be so successful in protecting everyone’s interests.

In fact, we have a dedicated team with a glowing track record for protecting CUs from at-risk loans. In any scenario, AVANA CUSO is an advocate for our credit union partners, saving them significant time, money and resources.   

Perera elaborates: “After experiencing the oversight provided by other CUSOs, our partners consistently rave about our incomparable due diligence and how that directly and positively impacts their portfolio and liquidity.” 

3. Unmatched Expertise is Our Cornerstone

AVANA CUSO’s commercial lending expertise is our bedrock for everything. Our history dates back to 1998, so we’ve seen credit unions through every economic shift. Plus, our team members each have vast experience in CRE lending. 

When partnering with AVANA CUSO, we put all our knowledge and best practices at a credit union’s disposal. This ultimately helps them navigate commercial lending with ease and efficiency. From expanding into new CRE lending solutions to weathering economic downturns, our team is here to help.

AVANA CUSO’s Participation Manager Christyna Lane sees firsthand how partnering with us empowers credit unions. 

“Our credit union partners receive a dedicated SME team,” she says. “That team works tirelessly to help credit unions reach their goals of building their portfolio and protecting liquidity. We’re here to help with anything, whether that’s a question about an SBA loan or about how to offer members new CRE loan products.” 

Our decades of experience are not just an invaluable resource. They are a powerful foundation on which AVANA and CUs can fulfill our united missions to support and uplift the surrounding community. 

“AVANA’s purpose is to deliver Capital for a Better Tomorrow, and that’s exactly what we do,” Perera says. As an integral member of a credit union’s lending team, we’re always thinking about their ‘tomorrow’.”

Lane continues: “It brings us great pleasure knowing we’ve aided in the prosperity of credit unions and their members across the US. Everyone at AVANA is driven by that incredible ripple effect.” 

AVANA CUSO’s unmatched expertise – combined with our end-to-end service and successful risk management – is an essential toolbox for credit unions wanting to safeguard their interests and better serve members. 

Looking to tap into our keys to success? Let’s begin by discussing your needs and how we can help you grow. Contact us today to get started. 



Established in 1998 and headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, AVANA CUSO is America’s premier credit union service organization (CUSO) focused on commercial real estate lending, including SBA 504 loans. For decades, we have partnered with credit unions across the country to offer competitive and collaborative lending solutions. AVANA CUSO is a proud member of the AVANA Family of Companies.