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These Popular Credit Union Books Cater to Credit Union Management and Board Members 

As credit unions across the nation continue to compete with big banks and other financial institutions, there remains the need to quickly adapt services and solutions to the world around them. For instance, as more financial services move to online and mobile platforms, credit unions must remain vigilant in their digital transformation strategies. It has become essential to provide mobile apps, online accounts and online credit card services to all members. 

To remain abreast of the latest strategies, industry trends and digital protocols, consider reading these top five credit union books that create excellent resources for credit union CEOs, management teams and board members. 

1. CU 2.0: A Guide for Credit Unions Competing in the Digital Age

Kirk Drake’s CU 2.0 is the most popular read related to credit unions. The book is a manual of methods for leveraging technology to enable growth and provide a competitive advantage. The guide provides several opportunities for credit union transformation, advocating for greater digital use, connection with membership and creative thinking.

2. Financial: Helping Financial Services Executives Prepare for an Artificial World

This is another read by Kirk Drake. Though this book is focused on a broader audience of all financial institutions, it does have entire sections dedicated solely to credit unions. The book delves into how credit unions can use artificial intelligence to their advantage, improving services, financial performance and problem-solving. Readers can find a step-by-step plan on how to begin their organization’s journey with artificial intelligence. 

3. Strategy for Credit Unions: A Guide for Management and Boards

Credit unions typically follow similar rules, regulations and procedures so it is important all managerial employees, board members and the CEO are aligned on strategy. Alan Shaw’s book is a guide for all management levels to ensure the entire organization agrees on and understands strategy, the necessary strategic tools, the organization’s value proposition, company culture and more. 

4. CUSOs: How Credit Unions and Entrepreneurs Can Get Started (And Win!) with Credit Union Service Organizations

Author Brian Lauer is a partner at Messick Laur & Smith P.C., which focuses on the formation and operations of Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO). Lauer has utilized his knowledge and experience to develop a handbook exploring the rules, risks and rewards of forming or joining a CUSO. The book also discusses how CUSOs are something every credit union management team should explore, as they can lead to new opportunities.

5. The Data-Driven Credit Union: Creating a Data-Driven Decision Culture in Your Credit Union

Today, data and analytics are vital to nearly every organization around the globe. Michael Cochrum’s book explains why it is necessary for credit unions to adopt data-driven decision-making. It also provides a plan for credit unions to seamlessly incorporate data and analytics into their decision-making processes. 


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