Reliability through efficiency

AVANA CUSO’s seasoned Business Development Officers provide competitive quotes, in a timely manner, meaning your valued borrowers expectations are fulfilled.

Access to Nationwide Lenders


  • Brokers gain access to nationwide lenders whose community mindset drives the devotion to invest in their communities. Extensia leverages our relationships in either primary or tertiary markets.



  • Extensia targets $2-15 million average loan sizes.
  • Competitive rates: starting at 4.25%
  • We offer:
      • 25 and 30 year amortizations
      • Maximum LTV at 75%
      • Minimum DSCR 1.25x
  • Flexible terms:
    • 5 year fixed
    • 5+5
    • Other combinations available
  • No pre-payment penalty

Service Expectations


  • Extensia facilitates the funding of loan opportunities on behalf of the broker community through its extensive network of credit union lenders.
  • At Extensia we clearly communicate expectations and manage the process so that together we can fully execute our deliverables seamlessly and efficiently.

“Extensia continues to provide a much needed product supported by their ability to underwrite using common sense metrics. Their step-down prepayment structure and capacity to lend in most markets adds a flexibility most portfolio lenders will not offer.”

– David Stepanchak, SVP

George Smith Partners, Inc.