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Diversify your portfolio

Explore the opportunity to expand your lending footprint utilizing AVANA CUSO’s national presence. AVANA CUSO is a nationwide CUSO partnering credit unions looking to invest in real estate backed investments through high net worth borrowers.



Leverage our expertise to balance out your portfolio between seasoned loans and new participations. Whether you are just getting started or an expert, Extensia has a model that can fit your program.



Extensia prides itself on producing efficient and accurate deliverables. Our thorough review and risk assessments conform to regulatory requirements and Extensia’s underwriting guidelines allow us to deliver a uniformed product layered with prudence and sound judgment.



Extensia can handle the servicing of the loan from origination to payoff.

We can offer tiered service based on needs. Whether we’re simply collecting payments, or perform complex annual loan-term reviews, we can tailor a program to fit your needs with flexibility and pricing.

Loan Term Review


Extensia helps you identify risk well in advance of a risk concentration or an exposure.

We are extremely proud that we often receive praise from our regulators due to how thorough our analysis is.

Service Expectations


Extensia is your trusted advisor.

We pride ourselves on providing a customized, high level, white glove experience – tailored specifically to your needs.

Our team is composed of experts who have an average of 15 years of experience in commercial real estate and a proven track record of successfully matching credit unions with low-risk loan opportunities that meet their MBL goals and objectives.

“Extensia Financial (AVANA CUSO) provided us with loan growth, reducing our interest rate risk and gave us diversification outside of our small market area.”

– Jonathan Mays, VP of Mortgage and Commercial Lending

Commonwealth Credit Union